ThetaHealing® Master

The ThetaHealing® Master Certification is awarded to all those who have completed the eleven ThetaHealing® courses, listed below, within a 4 year period.
This award recognizes the amount of personal healing and transformation the individual has completed.

The ThetaHealing® Master Certification includes the following DNA Practitioner and Instructor Courses.

Practitioner courses:
• Basic DNA
• Advanced DNA
• Manifesting & Abundance
• Intuitive Anatomy
• World Relations
• Disease & Disorder

Instructor Courses:
• Basic DNA Instructor
• Advanced DNA Teacher Instructor
• Manifesting and Abundance Instructors (there is not a class for this Instructor course, there is a fee)
• Intuitive Anatomy Teacher Instructor
• Rainbow Children’s Teacher Instructor

At the completion of the ThetaHealing® Master Pragram each student is awarded a Plaques that says

"You are recognized as one of the graduating classes from the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® (THInK) and acknowledged as a ThetaHealing® Master.
You have accepted the challenge to soar above the world and overcome the barriers to success. You are recognized as a leader for your efforts.
Truly, you are an inspiration.”

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