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Since its creation, the ThetaHealing technique has expanded and moved forward as directed by the Creator.

From our first Practitioner seminars to our ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science program, the movement of this healing work has expanded to reach more people worldwide. In 2008 we formed the ThetaHealing Institute for higher learning known as The ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge®, (THInK®).

With Vianna’s dedication to helping as many people as she can, and the guidance of the Creator Vianna travels worldwide to certify ThetaHealing Instructors. During the summer Vianna stays home and offers the ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science Instructors seminars over a 12- 15 week cycle for those ready to take the next step in the ThetaHealing technique.

The formation of this school opens the door to all who have interest in the ThetaHealing technique to continue to learn and gain confidence in their abilities. THInK allows those who would like to practice and teach the ThetaHealing technique to have the Healing and Practical Training needed to continue the spread of this great technique.

This is a huge step forward for ThetaHealing Practitioners, Instructors, and all those interested in this wonderful technique. 

New and Exciting for 2018

For 2018 we will be having our seminars in Bigfork, Montana. 

Our summer will start May and run through August. We are really excited for this next step in our adventure and look forward to sharing the magical world of Montana with you Summer 2018. 



Here is how the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge works:

  • A student must complete the ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science program within 4 years. 
  • All Certified Practitioner and Instructor seminars already taken will apply toward becoming a ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science within the 4 year period.
  • The student may enroll and attend all seminars scheduled for the summer at one time with the added convenience of a structured learning schedule to become a ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science or a student can choose to take seminars as he/she can within the 4 year period. 
  • THInK will offer all the Instructors seminars, taught exclusively from Vianna, and a few of the Practitioner seminars. A Student will need to take the required ThetaHealing Practitioners seminars from Certified Instructors in your area or of your choice. 

ThetaHealing Certification Levels


Certificate of Science

THInK Elective Seminars

THInK Elective seminars are available as tools for ThetaHealing Practitioners and Instructors to help sharpen and apply your Theta skills, and to assist you in creating and building your healing business. These seminars focus on specific aspects of practicing the ThetaHealing technique to facilitate your development and to foster your success.

These workshops are taught at THInK and other venues. Some are taught by Vianna and others Certified Instructors. All Elective Instructors courses are taught by Vianna Stibal. Click here to view all available Elective Seminars.

2018 ThetaHealing Seminar Graduates 



This is a sneak peak of summer 2017


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