The ThetaHealing Team is exactly that, a TEAM. Everyone at ThetaHealing Headquarters work together in all departments to help the company grow and expand. Although we all have our own unique skills we work together to learn and assist each others on tasks where needed. 

Vianna Stibal – President and Founder of ThetaHealing

Vianna is one of the most remarkable people you will meet. She is the Founder of the ThetaHealing Technique and the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge. She is a loving mother, grandmother, boss, and friend. Vianna is dedicated to sharing this life changing technique with anyone ready to learn. She travels internationally every year to bring ThetaHealing to the hearts of as many people as she can. In between traveling, she writes books and develops new seminars to make sure the information she receives from the Creator is available and accessible to everyone. Vianna is an artist and loves to paint when she can.

Guy Stibal – Vice President

Guy is Vianna’s husband. Before the ThetaHealing Technique was created, Guy lived a life of Ranching. His experience with Ranching has instilled a work ethic and a driven attitude that moves the ThetaHealing Technique seminars forward. Compiling and updating new information from Vianna for manuals and books shows his commitment to spread this work. Along with these many other duties, Guy travels as a companion with Vianna to every seminar she teaches. In his spare time, his passion for fine craftsmanship has led him to become a truly magnificent swords maker.

Bobbi Lott – Director of Operations

Bobbi is Vianna’s oldest daughter who has been part of the ThetaHealing Technique since its conception. Her steadfast and supportive attitude has helped keep the ThetaHealing technique moving forward with every passing year. Bobbi is the one who handles all business matter for THInK and prides herself in making sure the office runs as smoothly as possible. Outside of work Bobbi is a dedicated and loving mother.

Contact Bobbi at or by phone at (406) 206 3232

Brandy Opfar – Director of Operations

Brandy is Vianna’s youngest daughter who loves being a mother and spending time with family. Despite heavy workloads and tedious daily tasks, she always does her best to make everyone happy. Her eagerness to please and deep love for this work help keep her focus on the individual needs of everyone who has dealings with our office. Because Brandy does whatever she can to help, she assists in making the environment in our office one of love and accomplishment. As of 2018 Brandy has joined Vianna in certifying instructors in the ThetaHealing technique.

Contact Brandy at or by phone at (406) 206 3232

Christopher Lott – Director of Logistics

A truly skilled individual,  Chris is the “behind the scenes” man who gets things done. Chris has been with the company for over 10 years and handled everything from shipping, to store manager, to videopgrapher, to landscaping. No matter what project Chris is working on he is dedicated to helping the ThetaHealing technique to grow.  He currently films, records, and edits the DVD's/CD's for the ThetaHealing Technique and landscapes making Atanaha truly beautiful . Chris prides himself in bringing you the most current information through the videos and making Atanaha your home away from home. Chris enjoys riding his dirt bike, the outdoors, and time with his family and friends.

Brennan Lott – Shipping Manager

Brennan is a guy you can always count on to get the job done. He is dedicated to helping out anywhere he is needed. Brennan has managed the shipping department for many years. He prides himself on making sure everything is done and out to customers as soon as possible. He knows there are often last minute orders for seminars and Instructors and does everything he can to assure your order arrives on time. His passion for cooking makes him a great assistant to our chef in the kitchen during seminars in the summer. Brennan enjoys chariot racing, fishing, cooking and spending time with his family.

Contact Brennan at or by phone (406) 206 3232

Jena Lott – Personal Assistant

Jena has been a part of ThetaHealing her whole life. She is the Granddaughter of Vianna Stibal. Her passion for learning has made her a perfect fit in the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge. She is EMT Certified and has volunteered for firefighting since our move to Montana. She has a very outgoing personality and loves to snow board, dirt bike, play in her truck and spend time with her family and boyfriend.

Dawn Stibal – Office Coordinator

Dawn is the wife of Guy Stibals first son Andy Stibal. She is our newest addition here at the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge. She has excellent people skills along with the dedication and drive to assist all of our students and teachers with any of their needs. Dawn is exited to meet everyone this summer. Dawn is a loving mother and wife and enjoys spending time with her family.